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"I don't claim to be a wise man, a poet, or a saint.

I'm just another man who's searching for a better way.

My heart beats loud as thunder for things that I believe.

Sometimes I run for cover.

Sometimes I want to scream."


- Jon Bon Jovi, Bang a Drum

Train with Crescendo
Crescendo Training is a Safe System for Exercise
Built on a Strong Platform Integration of Fitness and Sports Medicine

4 Options Offered
Crescendo Press Play... Membership for only $25/Month
Crescendo Assessments... TPI,OnBaseU, or FMS for $100
Crescendo Programs... 28 Day Programs for $199
Crescendo Personal Training... Half Hour Sessions for $50


Crescendo Press Play
Crescendo Press Play is a $25 Monthly Subscription to access Crescendo content such as over 100 Audio Training Tracks to Steer Workouts, Instructional Exercise Videos to Learn Proper Technique, Workout Videos to Watch and Do, and New and Current Content is added Regularly!



Crescendo Programs
Crescendo Programs are designed and issued 28 Days at a time to give clients a specific road map to follow.  Generic Crescendo Programs are available as well as Custom Programs designed in response to your Crescendo Assessment findings. 

Unique Approach to Training!


Crescendo Assessments
Crescendo Assessments help clients discover specific movement characteristics such as strengths, weaknesses,  imbalances, and tendencies that can have a tremendous impact on successful training efforts.
Golf, Baseball, and General Assessments Offered



Crescendo Personal Training
Crescendo Personal Training sessions are offered face-to-face line in-person by appointment at your location or virtually online via zoom by appointment.  Crescendo Personal Training sessions are offered to perform Crescendo Assessments or to coach you through your Crescendo Training Program.



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