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*20-Minute Routine Using the Crescendo Training Audio Track

Warm-Up: 1’x3

1 Minute Warm-up in Each of the 3 Planes of Movement

Jog x 1 Minute

Shuffle x 1 Minute

Carioca x 1 Minute

Stretch: 1:30x2

An Upper Body ELDOA and a Lower Body ELDOA

ELDOA Leg Stretch x 1 Minute 30 seconds

ELDOA Arm Stretch x 1 Minute 30 seconds

Indiividual Specific: 2’x5

5 Different Exercises for 2 Minutes (Substitute as Needed)

Cat-Camel x 2 Minutes

Wide Lateral Trunk Rotations x 2 Minutes

Spiderman-Reach-Rock Back x 2 Minutes

Bodyweight Squats x 2 Minutes

Athletic Plank x 2 Minutes

Conditioning: (:10/:05)x8

Circuit of 4 Different Exercises ALL OUT 2 Times Through

4 Stations (2 times through)

Medball Tosses Right (:10 seconds ALL OUT!)

Medball Tosses Left (:10 seconds ALL OUT!)

Squat Jumps (:10 seconds ALL OUT!)

Bicycle (:10 seconds ALL OUT!)

REPEAT 1 More Time Through

Recovery: 1’x2

FInish with Ankle Mobility Exercises 1 Minute Each Side

Calf Stretch Right Leg x 1 Minute

Calf Stretch Left Leg x 1 Minute

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