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Crescendo Golf

  • 28Days
  • 57Steps


Swing Speed, Distance, Consistency, Endurance, Durability, Confidence and Energy are things golfers want but can't find. UNTIL NOW! Crescendo Golf is an Exercise and Lifestyle Program designed by me, Fitness and Sports Medicine Professional, Tony Colesano, to help golfers discover the ability to acquire all of these things and more. 28 days of brief but motivating, organized, unique, and interesting Lessons with current information followed by 20 minute Workouts presenting you with all the tools you need. One Lesson and One Workout Each Day Then a quiz to ensure you retain the information and a quick log to easily report your efforts. This holds you accountable, the missing feature to all those other options that classically fail. I am here to provide feedback and coach you along! The program developed from over 30 years of training people and golfers. I was a Master Trainer at The Country Club in Brookline, Fitness Director at the Club at New Seabury on Cape Cod, and TPI Certified for over 15 years. This experience working with golfers, observing trends, and witnessing successes and failures inspired the content. It is unique in that it is not just a list of to-do exercises, rather it educates you with new interesting information and coaches you to success. You can opt for additional Crescendo services such as a Crescendo Assessment, a custom Crescendo Training Program, and live one-on-one Personal Training sessions. However, Crescendo Golf provides you with enough to launch on your own! Upon completion of the 28-day program, you will have established a routine that you are encouraged to continue to follow. Crescendo Golf is a kickstarter for improving habits and routines to help you become a better golfer as well as enhance your overall health and fitness. This, in turn, gives you the best chance to improve swing speed, distance, consistency, and all the other qualities good golfers harbor. It's now time to Rock!

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