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General Crescendo Workouts

1.  Start with an Assessment:  Either do the independent online self-guided assessment and submit it following the simple instructions or you can schedule a Personal Training session to have Tony perform the Assessment live and in-person.  The on-line Assessment is $100 and you will receive a comprehensive Report once Tony interprets your results.  The live in-person Assessment is $200 ($100 for the Assesment and $100 for the 1 Hour Personal Training session) and you will receive a comprehensive Report about a week after.  

2.  Get Your Workout:  Crescendo Workouts are offered as a 28 Day plan.  You can opt for the Workout without an Assessment and you will receive our standard basic Crescendo20 Workouts with all the foundational recommended exercises.  Or, you can opt to have the Assessment and then your Crescendo Workout will include exercises that best meet your specific needs as discovered in your Assessment.  The General Crescendo Workout is $100.  So if you opt for the Assessment first, you pay $100 for the Assessment and then $100 for the Workout (and then another $100 for the Personal Training session if you opt for that as well.)

3.  Learn the Exercises:  Familiarize yourself with the exercises in your program by watching the Crescendo Instructional Videos or schedule a Personal Training session for $100 to have Tony teach you the exercises.

4.  TRAIN!  You will receive a convenient and easy to follow tool to help steer your training in an app or online version to hold you accountable and keep you on track.  The Crescendo Workouts are steered by a unique Crescendo Audio Track that runs the workout times and allows you to focus on your performance rather than counting.  The Audios are easy to play on a phone through the app or online and are a feature that make your Crescendo Training unique and better than any other approach you have tried.  The tool also allows you to input feedback after your workoutswhich will be reviewed by Tony to ensure you stay on track!

5.  Click "Do It" when you are ready and choose to start with an Assessment, just the Workout, or schedule a Personal Training session to get started.  You also have the option to become a Crescendo Member by purchasing Crescendo Press Play, a monthly subscription granting access to all Crescendo content for only $25/month... cancel anytime!  You Rock!!!

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